Our vision is to become a key Slovenian facilitator in providing an environment (knowledge and technology) that will enable the accelerated use of spatial information in decision-making for different user groups (persons, public and private sector). The Geodetic Institute of Slovenia is in the role of a bridge between the academic, administrative, executive and user spheres in the field of geodesy and geoinformatics, both at home and abroad. In accordance with the work programme of the Geodetic Institute of Slovenia, which is an integral part of the annual programme of the National Geodetic Service, over forty employees carry out tasks according to the principles of project management:

  • public service,
  • under a public mandate,
  • for remuneration to local authorities and other clients, such as carrying out research and development tasks, tasks financed by the European Structural Funds and tasks for the market.

Fields of expertise


Tasks from the field of geodesy (in its narrow sense) are provided mainly for the Surveying and Mapping Authority of the Republic of Slovenia. These are R&D projects for the modernisation and maintenance of the Slovenian spatial reference system. More >>


In 1983 automated, computer-aided cartography was first introduced with the publishing of the first thematic computer atlas in former Yugoslavia. In 1988 we made the first 3D town plan in Yugoslavia More >>


Every seafarer, either professional or layman, knows that navigation without precise and up-to-date nautical chart is impossible and dangerous. Nautical charts are probably the most important tools for safe navigation. More >>


Rational and efficient spatial planning has great effect on the quality of living and natural environment. More >>


Photogrammety as sub-area of remote sensing has been one of the basic fields of the Institute’s activities since its foundation in 1953. Until 2000 this was also part of its name – Institute of Geodesy and Photogrammetry (IGF). More >>


In the real estate field our tasks include processing of real estate and other spatial data, development of information solutions as well as research and development tasks for updating real estate and spatial records. More >>


The department of information and communication technologies provides technological support to all other areas of the Institute’s operations. At the same time it develops independent conceptual and applicative solutions from the area of information systems.  More >>

Basic information

Geodetski inštitut Slovenije (GI)
Jamova cesta 2, 1000 Ljubljana
Public institute

Corporate ID number: 5051649
VAT ID: SI81498756
Business account: SI56 0110 0603 0348 025

Telephone: 01 200 29 00

Director: Milan Brajnik
Assistant Director: Miran Janežič

Aerial image archive data release

Based on many years of professional experience in the processing of various forms of spatial data the Geodetic Institute of Slovenia is able to offer several types of data capture and processing. We make extensive use of our own resources, know-how and equipment, and in the case of large-scale mass captures, we ensure an appropriate link between the contractor, the client and the end user of our services.

We ensure that spatial data is appropriately positioned in space (different capture methods use different georeferencing methods) at each capture and before processing. However, capture and processing alone are not enough, and we also ensure appropriate quality controls in our workflows.

051 21 54 84

Izdajanje podatkov iz arhiva aeroposnetkov

Na osnovi dolgoletnih strokovnih izkušenj na področju manipulacije z različnimi oblikami prostorskih podatkov, vam na Geodetskem inštitutu Slovenije lahko ponudimo več vrst njihovega zajema in obdelave. V veliki meri se poslužujemo lastnih virov, znanja in opreme, v primeru večjega masovnega zajema pa poskrbimo za ustrezno vez med izvajalcem, naročnikom in končnim uporabnikom naših storitev.

Ob vsakem zajemu in pred obdelavo prostorskih podatkov poskrbimo, da so le-ti ustrezno umeščeni v prostor (različne metode zajema uporabljajo različne načine georeferenciranja). Vendar samo zajem in obdelava nista dovolj, zato v naših delovnih procesih poskrbimo tudi za ustrezne kontrole kakovosti.

051 21 54 84 ali 031 355 504

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