E-content – geoinformation support for the field of space-related displays for the purposes of education

An interactive presentation of the Slovenian territory in the ancient and late antique period

Geodetic Institute of Slovenia has been spreading knowledge about new possibilities of didactic aids for many years and hosting students of different age groups in terms of presenting various solutions of spatial representations (from pre-school to high school groups). Such presentations and contacts with students and teachers confirmed the lack of materials, as well as great interest in modern forms of spatial representations which with the help of digital cartographic content and virtual reality make it easier to perceive geographical content, as well as spatial orientation and location of individual events or activities.

We include the production of geocoded teaching aids in digital form and online, such as electronic thematic maps, web maps, geographic information systems, interactive maps, multimedia spatial environments and atlases, dynamic 3-dimensional presentations, navigation and orientation in virtual and real space, connection GPS position maps, spatial games and quizzes

For the purpose of faster and efficient perception of content compared to written materials and a different way of learning historical processes we have developed E-content, a set of various educational interactive contents that offer geoinformation support related to space for educational purposes.

Students get knowledge with depictions of historical events through placement in space which enables a multifaceted connection of natural and anthropogenic conditions over a longer period of time. Time component is also added in addition to the three-dimensional realities of the real environment.

With the help of E-content students can come to certain conclusions on their own. In this way, they develop the ability to learn independently and connect the learning content of various school subjects and current social events. With the help of visualization their knowledge is more in-depth and long lasting. They further develop their skills regarding the use of various information technologies and raise competencies in this field.

The developed materials follow the following principles:

  • easy and intuitive to use
  • regular updating of the content (we provide the possibility of reambulation)
  • high level of interactivity
  • high quality of produced maps (appropriate positional accuracy, appropriate design and generalization).

In the online presentation of the Slovenian territory in the ancient and late antique period different forms of E-content were used:

  • thematic maps
  • interactive maps
  • dynamic presentations
  • knowledge tests (quizzes, spatial quizzes).

We present a web display of Roman roads in Slovenian territory with a descriptive part.

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