The collection of brochures we have called Geodetic Highlights is dedicated to geodetic marks, which have a special significance for geodesy and are part of the immovable geodetic heritage.

Geodetic marks represent the physical appearance of a geodetic point in nature and come in different shapes, sizes and materials. They may have been built just a short time ago, or they may have been built centuries ago. They differ from each other in their purpose, but all of them vividly testify to the activities of geodesy over time on the territory of our country.


The first brochure on the way – »Geodetic point at Krim«

The first brochure in this collection presents the geodetic point at Krim, its importance for our country and its appearance in the past and today. In the future, we hope that our initiative to obtain the status of cultural heritage and national monument for the geodetic point at Krim will be successful. This would make the geodetic point at Krim the first among the geodetic points to be granted this highest heritage status in our country.


Link to the website of the Geodesy Office of the Surveying and Mapping Authority of the Republic of Slovenia:






Geodetic point at Krim







Geodetic points in the Mythical Park Rodik








Geodetic points at the Korada