Every seafarer, either professional or layman, knows that navigation without precise and up-to-date nautical chart is impossible and dangerous. Nautical charts are probably the most important tools for safe navigation.

Hydrography has been part of the Institute’s activity from the very beginning of the development of this sphere in Slovenia in 1997 with the foundation of the Sector of Hydrography at the Ministry of Traffic. We have cooperated in all hydrographic measurements in Slovenia, contributed to the joining of Slovenia in the International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO) and we regularly take part in international hydrographic conferences.

In the field of hydrography our work includes acquisition of data and information about sea depths, navigation objects (lighthouses and buoys), waterways, sea bed types, port infrastructure, navigational hazards, restricted navigation and coastal lines. Based on this work we produce nautical charts, navigational publications and Notice to Mariners. We are one of few countries in the world where the whole aquatorium and coastal line are completely and precisely measured by using the cutting-edge measuring technologies.

The Institute’s portfolio currently consists of 11 nautical charts of different scales, which cover the whole Slovene sea. We also offer 5 nautical publications and a web nautical guide. All our products are in line with international standards from the field of hydrography, seafaring and nautical cartography. The Institute does most of its work for the Ministry of Infrastructure (formerly Ministry of Traffic). We also represent the Ministry in the International Hydrographic Organisation in technical affairs related to hydrographic activity.

Head of department:
Vesna Dežman Kete