Based on our good knowledge about the contents and principles governing the functioning of the existing real estate and other spatial records in Slovenia, we develop, in cooperation with external partners, own applications and information solutions that offer expert support in real estate valuation. We regularly monitor the situation at the Slovene real estate market. The price trends and real estate transaction movements in the area of Slovenia are regularly updated and comprehensively presented at the portal Trg nepremičnin (Real Estate Market), offering different analyses for the general and expert public. We offer our customers target-oriented Slovene real estate market analyses. At the portal Trg nepremičnin a service is being prepared that will present beside the data about realised prices also the information on advertised prices, adequately analysed to establish gaps between them.

Web applications

The first of the web applications at the portal Trg nepremičnin (Real Estate Market), called Trgoskop, offers an in-depth insight into the data on closed real estate transactions.

Mobile applications

nValuTa is the first free mobile application for public access to Slovenian real estate market! It allows users of mobile phones and tablet computers to access (free of charge) information about real estate transactions carried in the vicinity of their current position. One can also obtain information about the informative market value of the real estate for a given location, too. Find more about the application itself, download links, help, and an explanation of the calculation of the informative market value on the Trg nepremičnin (Real Estate Market) portal.