Most important scientific results of the project group

  • Triglav Čekada, M., Maver, R., Kogoj, D. (2022). Preservation of national trigonometric networks in the areas of Menišija and Žužemberk. V: Raziskave s področja geodezije in geofizike 2021 : zbornik del : 27. srečanje Slovenskega združenja za geodezijo in geofiziko, Ljubljana, 27. januar 2022. Elektronska izd. Ljubljana: Slovensko združenje za geodezijo in geofiziko. str. 109-116, ISBN 978-961-95299-2-8. [COBISS.SI-ID 95648003]

We present a study on the preservation rate of geodetic marks in national trigonometric networks. We examined the situation in the forested area of Menišija and in the area of Žužemberk, which we divided into forested and rural parts. In the Menišija area, 27 trigonometric point locations were checked in the field, and in the Žužemberk area, 92 trigonometric point locations were checked. The percentage of preserved trigonometric points of II, III and IV order and of photogrammetric reflection points (VIII order) was checked. We found that the proportion of preserved trigonometric marks is 78% in the Menišija area and 71% in the forested part of the Žužemberk area, while in the rural part of the Žužemberk area the proportion is lower, i.e. 46%.

Most important socio-economic results of the project group

  • Triglav Čekada, M., Oven, K., Radovan, D., Stopar, B., Koler, B., Kogoj, D., Kuhar, M., Lisec, A., Sterle, O., Režek, J. (2021). Permanent geodetic marks as the basis for surveying profession. Geodetski vestnik, 65 (2), pp. 298-309,, [COBISS.SI-ID 70815235]

This paper presents the results of the targeted research project V2-1924: “Permanent geodetic marks as a basis for the high-quality performance of the geodetic profession”, in which we studied permanent geodetic marks from the period of classical geodetic surveying. In order to identify interesting geodetic marks, we interviewed seven experienced professionals. A sample collection of significant geodetic marks was compiled in which the proposals were evaluated in relation to all three of the above-mentioned meanings.

  • Medved, K., Berk, S., Režek, J., Fabiani, N., Triglav Čekada, M., Koler, B., Urbančič, T., Ritlop, K., Kuhar, M., Pavlovčič Prešeren, P., Sterle, O., Stopar, B. (2021). National Report of Slovenia to the EUREF 2021 Symposium in Ljubljana. V: Report on the Symposium of the IAG Subcommission for Europe (EUREF) held online from Ljubljana, Slovenia, 26 -28 May 2021. Ljubljana, 1-5, [COBISS.SI-ID 112839939]

The results of the project were also mentioned in the scope of the description of all the works carried out in 2021 in the field of the basic geosystem.

The results of the project are presented in the EuroSDR publication, which promotes knowledge transfer between research and educational institutions and European surveying and/or mapping administrations.

In this paper, the historical development context of the trigonometric network point types in Slovenia from 1810 onwards is presented. Examples of different trigonometric point types still seen in the field are shown, with regard to the institution that carried out the field marking of the specific state trigonometric network. The city trigonometric network of Ljubljana, which was established in 1955–1956, is also presented. Furthermore, triangulation and comparator bases are mentioned as well, which remain marked with permanent pillars. As examples of the oldest still-standing trigonometric points, the following are mentioned: 303 Veliki Javornik (2nd order) with the engraved year 1823 and 329 Limberk (2nd order) with the engraved year 1903.

  • Kuhar, M., Vreča, P., Zupančič, P., Čop, R., Šraj, M., Ličer, M., Skok, G., Stopar, B., Čarman, M., Triglav Čekada, M., 2020: srečanje Slovenskega združenja za geodezijo in geofiziko, Ljubljana, 30. januar 2020. Raziskave s področja geodezije in geofizike 2019 : zbornik del. Ljubljana: Fakulteta za gradbeništvo in geodezijo, 146 str. [COBISS.SI-ID 303479552]

Participants of this project Miran Kuhar (FGG), Bojan Stopar (FGG) and Mihaela Triglav Čekada (GI) participated as the editors on the 25th meeting of the Slovenian Association for Geodesy and Geophysics (SZGG), which took place on 30 January 2020 at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geodesy of the University of Ljubljana. Miran Kuhar (FGG) was the main organizer of the conference and the main editor of the conference proceedings. With the organization of the SZGG conference, we are expanding the innovations from the geodesy among other professions participating in this conference. These are meteorologists, hydrologists, geographers and others.