Work Package 1: Review of contemporary research and definition of the aims and objectives of this research

Activity 1.1: Review of the contemporary research on VGI

Activity 1.2: Objectives and purposes of using VGI in the national topographic system

Work Package 2: Organisational Activity Model

Activity 2.1: Design of promotional and motivational activities

Activity 2.2: Model for communication with volunteers

Activity 2.3: Organisational model for the placement of VGI in the national topographic service of the Survaying and Mapping Authority of the Republic of Slovenia

Activity 2.4: Study and plan of new regulatory procedures

Work Package 3: Model of information and data activities

Activity 3.1: Definition of the input data stream of VGI

Activity 3.2: Model of control for VGI data

Activity 3.3: ICT support model

Activity 3.4: Design of procedures for the integration of VGI into the national topographic service

Work Package 4: Process Model

Activity 4.1: Definition of the process model

Activity 4.2: Testing the process model

Activity 4.3: Recommendations to the Survaying and Mapping Authority for the operational follow-up of the work

Work Package 5: Dissemination of results

Activity 5.1: Presentations and reporting to the contracting authority

Activity 5.2: Regular updating of the project website

Activity 5.3: Scientific and professional dissemination of achievements